Rihanna And Drake: Nicki Minaj Ready To Start A Catfight With The ‘Diamonds’ Singer! Source Says, ‘She’s Very Protective Of The Canadian Rapper’

After Rihanna and Drake confirmed their break up, the person that got most affected was Nicki Minaj. Now the question is why is she trying to get involved in their relationship? Does she care for both of them or does she have a thing for the Canadian rapper.

The “Starships” hitmaker was seen in concert with Drake and there had been some flirting happening on stage. She was even caught with her legs wrapped around the rapper’s waist, who carried her while she sang. Nicki acted like they were a real couple on stage whereas Riri never did that act with Drake.

After the Rihanna and Drake break up news came out, Nicki Minaj was said to be angry about what happened. According to OK! Magazine, “Drake has been pretty down since Rihanna dumped him.” The online magazine added, “She really broke his heart. Nicki wants to call Rihanna out on it. She’s very protective of Drake.”

Is she really protective of him or just wanted the rapper to fall for her by being concerned? Showing some concern is alright, but to say something bad about your friend’s ex-girlfriend isn’t cool at all. Nicki was even seen hanging out with Rihanna and Drake at the Summer Jam early June.

The magazine said, “Nicki thinks Rihanna needs to step down from her pedestal.” Would this start a catfight between the two divas? Some people are wondering what the intention of the “Super Bass” singer is because the persons involved are the ones quiet about what happened.

During an interview with , Nicki was asked who her ideal man is. The songstress said, “One day I will run away with Drake and get married, but right now it’s just a fantasy.” She was also asked who her ideal girl is and this is what she said: “Rihanna. She fondled me at the MTV Awards and the America Music Awards. I love her. She’s the best fondler ever.”

Nicki Minaj seems to adore both Rihanna and Drake, and now that the Barbados-born singer is out of the Canadian rapper’s life, then she can finally make her fantasy come true.

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