Rihanna And Drake: Rapper Tells Ex-Girlfriend To Forget His Number And Never Call Him! Source Says, ‘She Has An Ego And Incapable Of Saying Sorry’

Rumors have been spreading regarding the real reason of the Rihanna and Drake break up. Just recently, a new report surfaced that the Canadian rapper caught the “Diamonds” singer contacting Chris Brown. We all know that they had an on-again, off-again relationship so there’s always a chance that they will get back together.

According to a source, “Robyn is still madly in love with Chris and Drake became suspicious that she has been in contact with him.” The insider added, “One time he heard her talking to Chris and confronted her about it but she denied any relationship with Chris. He then found out she and Chris have been sexting each other and that made him very angry and pulled the plug on their relationship.”

We truly understand Drizzy, but what if Riri stats going back to him? A close friend of the Canadian rapper revealed to Heat magazine that the 27-year old musician thought that the 26-year old songstress is a marriage material. However, he later on realized that she isn’t the one for her.

Fans were saddened by the Rihanna and Drake break up news. A source revealed that the “Started from the Bottom” singer was devastated by what happened. The insider said, “He gave his whole heart to Rihanna and he feels she stomped on it.”

The source revealed, “He [Drake] told Rihanna’s best friend, Melissa Forde, that Rihanna should forget his face, forget his number and never call or come crying when she’s hurt or lonely.” What a strong message from the Toronto-born rap artist, but will he be able to hold on to his words?

The “Stay” hitmaker have always been hooked on her ex-boyfriend Chris Brown. So it will be tough on her to avoid him. A source said, “Rihanna can’t stand it when a man tries to control her, and that’s what Drake seemed to be doing when he asked her not to speak to Chris when he left prison.”

The insider added, “They had a massive row. No guy has every treated her as well as Drake has, so Rihanna is feeling a sense of loss. But she has such an ego and pride that she’s incapable of saying ‘sorry’.” I guess the only sweet memory she will have of Drake is their duet in “Take Care”.

Are you sorry about what happened to Rihanna and Drake or do you think they are better off apart from each other?

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