Rihanna Stars In DreamWorks Animation’s Alien-Themed Movie ‘Home’ With ‘Big Bang Theory’s’ Jim Parsons; Jennifer Lopez And Steve Martin Also In The Film

DreamWorks Animation is known for alien-invasion theme movies and people don’t get surprised if it brings new aliens in from fictional planets. Perhaps, it is more unexpected to hear Guys Choice Awards’ Most Desirable Woman awardee behind the voice of an animated character. Yes, pop singer Rihanna stars in Dreamworks’ “Home” movie as voice of Gratuity Tucci or Tip.

Earthling Tip becomes friends by accident with an overly confident alien from extraterrestrial race Boov named Oh. Alien Boov race, spearheaded by Captain Smek, invades planet Earth to hide from their enemies and find a place the race can call home. It forces humans to relocate, but Tip manages to evade to be brought into new location. However, she has to find her mother who might be in the relocation site. Along her journey to the new location of humankind, she meets a friendly alien Oh. Together, they both, and a cat, encounter problems and adventures, including the (Oh’s accidentally) summoning of evil group of aliens that Boov race is avoiding. With threat to get invaded by evil aliens, Tip and Oh join forces to save her mother and the world.

The movie is based on the children book written by Adam Rex’s “The True Meaning of Smekday”. DreamWorks Animation acquired the book’s right to a movie adaptation in 2008 until it expired but the animation studio renewed it in 2011. The film was originally titled “Happy Smekday” when the plan for film adaptation was set in June 2012, but a year after, it got the final title “Home”. 20 Century Fox and DreamWorks Animation had earlier announced that the movie would be released in November 2014 until it finally moved in March 2015.

Tip’s mother features the voice of “Let’s Get Loud” singer Jennifer Lopez while Captain Smek is voiced by Steve Martin.

Here’s the sneak peek to Home.

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