Rihanna Trades in Rappers for Rockers? “Disturbia” Singer is Seen on a “Date” with Chris Martin of Coldplay

Chris Martin of “Coldplay” was seen “collaborating” with a new woman. He was spotted sharing a meal at Giorgio Baldi in Santa Monica on Sunday with the resident bad girl herself, Rihanna.

However, no definitive information has been obtained to ascertain whether this meeting was by chance, business-related, or romantic in nature. Still, there could be a romantic spark after the duo did a fantastic partnership with 2012’s “Princess of China.”

Being seen together have left fans wondering whether or not there could be something going on between the two, despite being an unlikely pair, with Rihanna at 26, and Martin at 37. The “Coldplay” singer may not be the type of guy that Rihanna is normally seen with as compared to Chris Brown and Drake, but the quote “opposites attract” may have been applied to their newly created bond, especially now that they are both single.

However, a source that is very close to Rihanna said otherwise, “Chris is nice, a real great guy who makes her laugh but in no way are they doing anything other than talking business and music. That’s it and that’s what they were discussing.” The source ended the statement with, “He’s cool and f*ckin awesome but he’s not Rihanna’s type sexually and romantically. It was a simple business dinner and afterward, they bounced separately.”

Although fans already had a gut feeling that the meeting was purely business, the two looked really good together. Still, amidst doused flames, fans are hoping that this controversial meeting of theirs is the first step to, yet, another Coldplay-Rihanna music collaboration.

It was only in March when Martin separated from his then-wife, actress Gwyneth Paltrow, to whom he was married for 11 years. Rihanna, on the other hand, only got through her recent split with on-again-off-again partner, Drake.

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