Robert Pattinson Shaves Head! The Rover Crew Thinks It’s ‘Horrific’ But ‘Cool,’ ‘Twilight’ Star Says He Likes It!

Robert Pattinson’s new movie, “The Rover” released stills of the “Twilight” actor with a shaved head. He had to get rid of his signature curly hair by director’s orders but the star said he actually loved his new look.

Pattinson told E! Online, “It’s like the skin on the back of your neck, it’s nice,” in an interview to promote his new movie. The change in hair style coincidentally fit with the hot weather in Australia where Pattinson filmed “The Rover” with Guy Pearce.

The temperature would rise up to 125 degrees in the South Australian location according to the movie’s director, David Michôd. The hot weather left the crew scared and hoping for the temperature to drop to 113 degrees just to continue filming.

Michôd also said the crew talked about Pattinson’s shorter hair, telling the young actor, “It says a lot about you that you could make that horrific haircut actually look kind of cool.”

His buzzcut wasn’t the only thing the The “Remember Me” liked in filming the movie. He told E!, “You don’t have to be looking over your shoulder all the time,” noting the absence of paparazzis in the area. He even added, “It was really, really great.”

After being constantly hounded by journalists, the new atmosphere gave the actor the freedom he wanted to do “do weird things in between takes” to really get into his character. He added, “Normally I’d be hiding in a corner somewhere.”

The former vampire is slowly taking grittier, more challenging roles since the “Twilight” saga has come to an end.

“The Rover” is an intense post-apocalyptic drama set in an undisclosed area. Pattinson plays an injured young man who helps a member of a gang of thieves (Pierce) to find his missing car. It is set for worldwide release this Friday, June 20.

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