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Ronda Rousey Quitting UFC To Pursue An Acting Career? Fight With Cyborg Her Last?

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Ronda Rousey has been admired by UFC fans for her strength, power, and agility in the ring. Fans are always waiting for news about her next fight, wondering how well she could beat another opponent.

Her popularity in the world of mixed martial arts has landed her a role in movies including “Entourage” and “The Expendables 3.” But is Ronda Rousey thinking of quitting UFC in order to focus solely on her acting career? Is there a possibility that her next fight could be her last? Or, is it possible that the MMA fighter’s next “fight” will not be on UFC, but on the big screen?
“Ronda is at a huge career crossroads at the moment – and in a fantastic position,” a source reportedly told Dish Nation .
“Her performances in the Octagon and especially this past weekend have been so dominant that her appeal has drawn new fans to fighting and won her support. She wants to continue doing what she loves and fulfill her current UFC contract, and sees herself dominating in the near future.”
There are reportedly offers for Ronda Rousey to star in a movie version of her autobiography, “My Fight/Your Fight.”
“Her agents have seen the offers flood in for TV and movie roles due to her recent appeal. And to make matters better for Ronda, she is not just an athlete hoping to be an actor – her performances are real, powerful and captivating.”
However, some people close to Ronda Rousey are purportedly convincing her to quit UFC for good, as fighting can endanger her looks, which is a big investment in Hollywood.
“Ronda is a unique package for the movie industry. Some in her corner feel that she has done enough in her fight career to step away and go into acting full time. It’s not that they don’t have faith in her skills, but any severe facial injuries or broken bones would be damaging.”
It may be unclear whether Ronda Rousey will be choosing to quit UFC and become a Hollywood star instead. However, that may not be happening anytime soon.
According to ESPN , Ronda Rousey’s camp is already in talks for her next fight with Cris “Cyborg” Justino scheduled on December 5 in Arlington, Texas.

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