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‘Rude Miss Young Ae 14’ Kim Hyun Sook Hurt For No Reason

'Rude Miss Young Ae 14' Kim Hyun Sook Hurt For No Reason

In “Rude Miss Young Ae Season 14” Kim Hyun Sook felt very hurt.  The people at Nakwon Publishing had forgotten the birthday of Kim Hyun Sook.  With that, she thought that they were too inconsiderate.

On the 15 th episode of tvN Monday/Tuesday drama “Rude Miss Young Ae Season 14” (script Myung Soo Hyun, Han Sul Hee, Baek Sun Woo, Choi Bo Rim, director Han Sang Jae, Yoon Jae Soon) broadcast on September 28 th , Lee Young Ae (played by Kim Hyun Sook) started to pay attention to the Nakwon Publishing Company after they had forgot about President Lee Seung Joon’s birthday.
Because Young Ae and Seung Joon were in an uncomfortable situation, she was not able to take care of his birthday.  With that, she was hurt that in the previous year, the staff members of Nakwon Publishing Company had been taking care of him but this year, they were different.  They didn’t think of him, and with that, Young Ae thought that Seung Joon would be spending a lonely birthday.

Meanwhile, “Rude Miss Young Ae” is about a woman in her thirties who goes through challenges of love and work life.  With that, she draws upon support from all different age groups.

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