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‘Rude Miss Young Ae Season 14″ Jo Hyun Young Moved By Park Sun Ho

'Rude Miss Young Ae Season 14

In “Rude Miss Young Ae Season 14” Jo Hyun Young fell for Park Sun Ho a second time.  Earlier, Jo Hyun Young had confessed to Park Sun Ho that she had feelings for him.  Nonetheless, Park Sun Ho had rejected her saying that she was not his type.

 “Rude Miss Young Ae” Jo Hyun Young (played by Jo Hyun Young) started to have feelings towards Park Sun Ho (played by Park Sun Ho) because he was so kind.
On the episode of tvN “Rude Miss Young Ae Season 14” (script Myung Soo Hyun, director Han Sang Jae, Yoon Jae Soon) broadcast on September 22 nd , Hyun Young was sick for a couple of days during the holidays.  She put this on her social media network.  Afterwards, Sun Ho saw this and went to visit Hyun Young.  He had seen that Hyun Young liked porridge and yogurt, and he even brought over medicine.
Moreover, he even wanted to feed Hyun Young so he held a spoon in his hand.  He was worried that she would get cold so he took off his jacket, taking care of her in many ways.
Ordinarily, Sun Ho said that he would do things “half heartedly” a lot.  Nonetheless, seeing that he had an unexpectedly detail-oriented side, she heard Sun Ho say, “I don’t do things half-heartedly to people that I’m interested in” and was very fond of him.

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