Sailor Moon 2014: Watch The Official Trailer Right Now! New Series Debuts On July 5, Ryou Hirohashi And Kenji Nojima Joins The Cast

Fans of the popular Japanese animated TV series are excited to see the all-new “Sailor Moon” 2014. The original series debuted in Japan 22 years ago, and now your favorite schoolgirl superhero is back! The remake will air in Japan on July 5 through Niconico and in North America through Viz Media. The 26-episode new series will air every first and third Saturdays of each month.

The official website of the “Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Crystal” gave their fans a sneak peek of what to expect in the upcoming series. They released the first trailer for the “Sailor Moon” 2014, which featured the theme song entitled “Moon Pride” by Japanese girl group Momoiro Clover Z.

The song was composed by Linked Horizon’s Revo, who did the opening themes for “Attack on Titan”. The reboot’s ending theme entitled “Moon Rainbow” (“Tsuki Niji”) was also performed by the idol group and was composed by Akiko Kosaka, who did the ending theme of the original series.

In the official trailer of “Sailor Moon” 2014, it featured Usagi Tsukino preparing for school. She was later on seen transforming into a superhero and was followed by her fellow Sailor Scouts. The new series is based on the original manga so expect to see less animated schoolgirls. You will notice that their face are expressionless compared to the wacky expressions before.

Kotono Mitsuishi returns as Usagi Tsukino, or also known as Sailor Moon. She will be joined by Hisako Kanemoto as Sailor Mercury, Rina Satou as Sailor Mars, Ami Koshimizu as Sailor Jupiter, and Shizuka Itou as Sailor Venus.

Joining the “Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Crystal” cast are Ryou Hirohashi as Luna and Kenji Nojima as Mamoru Chiba a.k.a. Tuxedo Mask. The remake of Naoko Takeuchi’s original manga is directed by Munehisa Sakai and written by Yuji Kobayashi.

Here is the official trailer of the “Sailor Moon” 2014:

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