Saint Seiya Legend Of Sanctuary Trailer Gives A Glimpse Athena’s Power? See Seiya And Other Saints Showcase Their Power And Armors In CGI!

Knights in their animal-inspired shining armors, Greek gods references, and terrific battle scenes: those are Saint Seiya’s trademark and what made it one of the most popular anime series of all-time. With today’s technological advancements, fans will finally see those in CGI.

In recent news about the film, Toei Animation began streaming the fifth special video “Prologue ~Shōjo no Tabi-dachi~” (Prologue ~A Girl’s Departure~) for its upcoming Saint Seiya: Legend of Sanctuary CG film on Tuesday. In the video, a girl named Saori Kido discovers that her true identity is the Greek goddess Athena. Meanwhile, the Saints, who are sworn to protect her, show off their special powers and introduce themselves. Watch the trailer below (translation can be viewed below the video): Man: Traitor Saori Kido, who identifies herself as Athena… I shall purge you. Saori: I don’t know anything about that! Also, you keep calling me Athena, but I… Seiya: I made it just in time! You’re Saori, right? Man: Long ago in Ancient Greece, there was a goddess named Athena. The Saints are the warriors who are the shields to protect Athena. Saori: Saints!? Man: And to add to it all, you are that same Athena. Saori: I don’t get this! Why do I have to run away!? That’s just weird! Something’s wrong with this! There’s no reason why I should be killed, but then there’s also no reason that I should be running! Seiya: Pegasus Meteor Fist! Shiryu: Rozan Kōryu-ha! Camus: Diamond Dust! Shun: Nebula Chain! Saori: Who are you guys? Seiya: We came to protect you! Saori: Protect me? Seiya: Don’t worry, we’ll bring you to the Temple of Athena! Seiya: Have you ever felt the true cosmos in your heart? Seiya: OK, let’s get going. Saori: I’m heading out now.

The film will adapt the popular Sanctuary arc from Masami Kurumada’s original Saint Seiya mythological fantasy manga of “Bronze Saints vs. Gold Saints.” The website and the trailer have the following quote from Kurumada: “The Seiya legend began here.”

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