Saints Row 4 Cheats For The Weary; Gain Power-ups And Dominate The Battlefield, Use Codes For Unfair Advantage

Saints Row 4 cheats should extend gameplay, especially for users who’ve almost exhausted use of the DLC pack released months ago.

For those still unfamiliar with the title (Saints Row 4 is indeed a lesser-known console game), it’s a satire (or parody) of the melee genre, pitting players against bosses and each other in all-out, no holds barred combat.

The main pitch of gameplay is in the variety of weapons available. The DLC pack added onto the staple of choices with cosplay outfits to boot, as well as odd weapons “The Polarizer,” which converts pedestrians into ammo fire, and the Bling Bling Pack, which transforms enemies into gold.

Costumes are as quirky as frat and sorority uniforms, as well as a Genki Space Pimp Outfit, whatever that means. Hockey and golf gear are also available for players to purchase with real-world money, custom options for hodge-podge ensembles (


Saints Row 4 cheats are aplenty, and are useful in any game belonging to the same genre. Unfortunately, ill-gotten gains obtained using cheats cannot be saved in-game. The variety makes for a very interesting melee, though.

Vehicles may be spawned out of nowhere by entering codes at the HUB, Extras, and then Cheat menu. Options are aplenty, including an Alien Hover Tank (type “givehovertank”), Alien UFO (“giveufo”), and Crib Ship (“givecribship”). In-game trophies and achievements are locked until the game is reset without the cheats keyed in.

Saints Row 4 cheats also affect gameplay in a variety of ways, depending on the code. All unockables are free to browse (“unlockitall”), and $100,000 immediately available to spend (“cheese”). Players feeling lucky can randomize their advantage over the competition with the “letsrock” code.

“goodygoody” clears notoriety, and “vroom” plates cars indestructible. Saints Row 4 cheats offer similar benefits to GTA V codes, and players are likely to associate gameplay with it. Cheats and codes should extend the shelf-life of a solid game with an unapologetic humor (


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