Samsung Galaxy S2 News Update: Install AOSB Android 4.4.2 ROM To Your S2 I9100, Features Multiwindow, Halo, Ram Bar, Audio Stereo Effect And More

Samsung Galaxy S2 I9100 users can still enjoy the perks of updating the Korean company’s second generation flagship device. Since Samsung have stopped releasing updates for this gadget, custom ROMs such as AOSB can be used. According to Android Geeks, this custom ROM is designed by ProBAM team. Reportedly, AOSB Android 4.4.2 ROM packs the following features: multiwindow, HALO, RAM bar, audio stereo effect, incoming call dialog, xposed built-in, custom nav and ring bar, lcd density changer, DSP Manager, OTA Update support for new AOSB KitKat builds, and others.

Android Geeks listed the ways to prepare and install AOSB in your handset.

Before starting the installation you need to take a look at the preparation guide below:

Flash AOSB Android 4.4.2 Project ROM for Galaxy S2 I9100:

1.      Download the ROM

from here. 

2.      Download Gapps for this ROM

from  here. 

3.      Connect your Galaxy S2 to your computer, then move both zip files to its internal storage.

–          after the files are copied you need to disconnect the phone from PC.

4.      Power off your device, then boot it in CWM or TWRP Recovery.

–          if you can’t boot recovery then you can learn with this post – that’s a guide for Galaxy S3, but it will work with Galaxy S2, too.

5.      First, create the NANDROID Backup of the installed ROM:

–          CWM: select ‘backup and restore’ option, confirm.

–          TWRP: press Backup, swipe to confirm process.

6.      Apply Factory Reset:

–          CWM: select ‘wipe data/ factory reset’, confirm.

–          TWRP: press on the Wipe option, swipe to factory reset the device.

Ø  you can apply Format System action, too.

Ø  go to the next step when done with both actions.

7.      Install the new AOSB Android 4.4.2 ROM for your Galaxy S2:

–          CWM: select ‘install zip from sdcard’, then you need to select ‘choose zip from sdcard’.

–          TWRP: press Install.

Ø  find the ROM file and confirm installation.

8.      Install Gapps zip after the ROM is installed using the same actions as in step 7.

9.      Return to the main custom Recovery Mode menu when done installing and then reboot the phone in normal mode.

–          note that the first boot process takes a while before it completes the reboot.

10.  Use your Google Account info to take control over your phone.

Note: The aforementioned Custom ROM updates are not coming from Samsung and have nothing to do with the already mentioned company. This report is only made to inform users of possible updates and this site is not liable for any damages that these installations may cause.

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