Samsung Galaxy S5 Vs S4: Is S5 Worth The Upgrade? How Much Of An Improvement Is The Latest Flagship Phone Compared To S4?

Samsung Galaxy S5 Vs S4: The recently released Samsung Galaxy S5 is certainly a must have for avid Samsung fans. At least that is how the consumers think it is. Not to break anyone’s illusion glass but in reality and practicality-wise, the Galaxy S5 is not good enough.

In terms of price, the Galaxy S5 is selling at £550 in the UK. Its previous model is much cheaper at £300. Then again, this is due to the Galaxy S4 already being released for a year. What consumers need to focus and look into is if that £200 difference between both devices worth paying for.

The extra edge that the Galaxy S5 has over its predecessor is a more updated Snapdragon processor, better cameras, fingerprint scanner, heartbeat sensor, waterproof and dustproof.

Speaking of processor, the difference in specs of Galaxy S4 and the Galaxy S5 is nothing more than a minor upgrade as it runs on the latest Snapdragon 801. Most devices are fast today and there is no use for that extra speed. The rear camera is at 16MP and the crowd is already going wild. It is not really exciting at all. Looking back at handphones ten years ago, a 2MP can also get the crowd to go wild.

So that leaves the device with the tech innovations and resistibility to certain earthly element. The question is with the consumers. Do you really need a heartbeat scanner? The other 3 features are great but are they worth £200?

All in all, the Galaxy S4 is still good enough for the consumers. The proofing won’t matter much if users know how to take care of their device.

What do you think Samsung phone users? Is Samsung Galaxy S5 worth upgrading for? Sound off in the comments section below!

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