Samsung Galaxy Tab S Release Date Slated For July, Specs To Compete With Apple’s Flagship Tablets! Competitive Price Point In Specs That Rival iPad Mini and Air

With the Samsung Galaxy Tab S release date slated for July, the phone manufacturer is set to build on a flagship device in need of a boost.

The phone manufacturer is enjoying huge commercial success with its fleet of mobile devices, and its S5 Prime is considered as one of the benchmarks in mobile technology, at least at the moment. Samsung’s array of tablets is in dire need of overhaul, though.

Samsung announced the release of 8.4-inch and 10.5-inch models of its Galaxy Tab S, with pre-orders accommodated as early as Monday last week. At a price point of $558 dollars, the 8.4-inch model comes reasonably, considering the specs.

Issues on battery life are well covered for, with 4900mA battery for the 8.4-incher and 7900mA for the 10.5-incher model. The 10.5-inch Galaxy Tab S costs 10 pounds more than the iPad mini come release date, good news for Android users.

Specs are to be confirmed come the Samsung Galaxy Tab S release date, particularly the quality and resolution of the display. With a 2560×1600 resolution display, OctaCcore Exynos 5 processor, and thin 6.6 millimeter makeup, the specs are enough to compete with Apple’s flagship tablet devices.

Both versions of the Galaxy Tab S will run on the Android Kitkat, and will accommodate calls made from Samsung smartphones. Miscellaneous features of the device include 3 Gigabytes of RAM, as well as eight megapixel (external), and two megapixel (internal) cameras. The device also links to Bluetooth 4.0 with a 4 Gig connection speed.

Samsung CEO JK Shin expects the market to warm up to the technology, come the Samsung Galaxy Tab S release date on July. “The tablet is becoming a popular personal viewing device for enjoying content, which makes the quality of the display a critical feature. With the launch of the Galaxy Tab S, Samsung is setting the industry bar higher for the entire mobile industry. It will provide consumers with a visual and entertainment experience that brings colors to life, beautifully packaged in a sleek and ultra-portable mobile device.” (


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