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‘Scholar Walking in the Night’ Lee Joon Ki Says He’s The New Owner

'Scholar Walking in the Night' Lee Joon Ki Says He's The New Owner

In “Scholar Walking in the Night” Lee Joon Ki made a very important declaration.  To Lee Yoo Bi, he said that he was the one that owned her life.
On the episode of MBC Wednesday/Thursday drama “Scholar Walking in the Night” (script Jang Hyun Joo, director Lee Sung Joon) broadcast on August 12 th , Jo Yang Sun (Played by Lee Yoo Bi) was about to commit suicide.  At that time, Kim Sung Yeol (played by Lee Joon Ki) saw Jo Yang Sun and rescued her.  With that, He took her back to his house.

On this day, Kim Sung Yeol gave his back to Jo Yang Sun.  With that, he told her to get on his back.  Jo Yang Sun said to Kim Sung Yeol on his back, “Aren’t I heavy?” With that, Kim Sung Yeol said, “No matter how heavy you say your body is, do you think it’s as heavy as my heart?”
Kim Sung Yeol also said to Jo Yang Sun, “I’m going to look for a place to stay.”  He also said, “You should work” and added, “Now you have a new owner.  It’s me.”
In addition, Kim Sung Yeol said, “From now on, everything needs my permission.  You can’t cry or do anything without my approval. You have to give your body more weight too.”

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