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‘Scholar Walking in the Night’ Lee Joon Ki Says, “You Are Now Mine”

'Scholar Walking in the Night' Lee Joon Ki Says,

In “Scholar Walking in the Night” Lee Joon Ki showed affection for Lee Yoo Bi.  He said, “You’re now mine” and expressed how he felt about her.
On the episode of MBC Wednesday/Thursday drama “Scholar Walking in the Night” (script Jang Hyun Joo, director Lee Sung Joon) broadcast on August 12 th , Yang Sun (Played by Lee Yoo Bi) was welcomed into the house of Sung Yeol (played by Lee Joon KI).

On this day, Sung Yeol started to comfort Yang Sun after she lost her father.  She then took him home. Afterwards, he took out Yang Sun’s slavery documents. He said, “Starting today, I am the owner.  From today moving forward, you can’t leave without my permission.  Without my permission, you can’t even cry. You’re mine now so you can’t do whatever you want without my okay.”  With that, he showed how much he cared about her.
Meanwhile, “Scholar Walking in the Night” is about a vampire who hasn’t lost his human instincts as he starts to go against true evil. It’s a mystery and love story as they were looking for the crown prince secret log. It features Lee Joon Ki and Lee Yoo Bi in a new science fiction period drama with a vampire twist.

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