Scoop 2012-04-17 – 東張西望 2012-04-17

[toggle title=”Scoop 2012-04-17 – 東張西望 2012-04-17″ state=”open”]Scoop 2012-04-17 - 東張西望 2012-04-17Description:
引起全城討論的求愛真人騷《盛女愛作戰》,上周最高收視29點,主角Bonnie、導師Winnie、Santino、Mei Ling出席節目慶功宴,《東張》除了訪問Bonnie之外,更訪問攝影師,分享拍攝的難處,以及對五位女主角的印象。
曾合作電影《Laughing Gor之變節》的吳鎮宇和呂慧儀(Koni)出席品牌活動行天橋,鎮宇大方分享行Catwalk殺著,其魅力更把Koni攝服。演而優則導的楊采妮首次執導電影開機儀式,郭富城(Aaron)、徐克、廖啟智、桂綸鎂、秦海璐現身支持好友,Aaron更表示願意為好友減片酬演出;而早前有傳秦海璐懷孕,她亦藉機開腔解解釋暴肥原因。
Hong Kong
22 Minutes
Release Date:
17 April 2012[/toggle]

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  1. I especially liked the first imsorspiens’ part of this post the link to the seven-second rule and the comparisons of face to face and online first imsorspiens. I need to be mindful of these things when meeting people for the first time. I think I do most of the things outlined to give a good impression though without really thinking about it. The star performers make an effort to do all of the things mentioned in a very graceful and smooth way. I think that’s where some of the coaching you have mentioned in past posts comes in handy. I can remember a good friend and co-worker in my first job out of college telling me about a sales person he knew and dealt with at work. Evidently this sales person was well paid and very slick because he could have you believing he was your best (or at least a very good) friend in a matter of about ten minutes. Well, maybe fifteen minutes, but I think you get my point. Hard to believe there’s people that good but I guess it’s true.

  2. il y a des études sur le sujet, aux environs de 5/10% de la dette annelle sans trop de dégats, après cela deviendrait dangereux, en tout cas effectivement ce n’est en aucun cas, une solution suffisante. Il reste au moins 90%, pour moi (c’est mon avis) un gros arriéré d’impôt cumulé depuis des décennies, qu’il faudra bien éteindre d’une manière ou d’une autre.

  3. Hey, Girlfriend! I'm just catching up after my long vacation. First of all, Jay is freakin' adorable!! Looks like your camping trip was awesome. Jay must be making you very happy. You can see the joy oozing from you in every picture. :)I guess I never sent you my email for your other blog. Sorry.

  4. wow! wow! wow!where i am from that is like a village… damn.they selfish for real… OMG. i hope these kids have good mothers who take care care of them… this is just sick… he should get a VA…. or better yet use a damn condom… some of these women damn worthless too!!!

  5. J.S., I’ve got an even more fun activity for you, and I’ll pay for the ammo. Take one of those multi-multi-round guns like the one used in Tuscon, and go out in the woods. Take it and (this is the critical part) aim it so that it is pointing perfectly straight up, and let it rip! Make sure the shell travels perfectly straight up though.Trust me, it will be huge fun. You’ll never guess what will happen. It’ll blow your mind.

    1. i don’t get why they don’t just use a 15mm axle. quicker and stiffer and can be just as light. (d8#1no2&7;t forget the axle on a 9mm system is built into the wheel whereas the 15 system the axle and qr are all in one).

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