Secret Jun Hyo Sung KBS 1TV Daily Drama “My Dear Cat”

Secret Jun Hyo Sung KBS 1TV Daily Drama "My Dear Cat"
Secret Jun Hyo Sung KBS 1TV Daily Drama "My Dear Cat"

The original glam girl Girl Group Secret Jun Hyo Sung plays the role of magazine reporter “Han Soo Ri” in the KBS 1TV “My Dear Cat” and it seeking a transformation.

On the OCN detective drama “Chu Yong” that ended last April, Jun Hyo Sung played the role of the female student ghost “Han Na Young” who has much sadness and received great reviews.  Here, she will be playing a cute evil girl in “My Dear Cat”, Han Soo Ri.

Especially with the first episode of “My Dear Cat” nearing broadcast, Jung Hyo Sung posted on her SNS, “Tomorrow night, there will be a broadcast of KBS 1TV “My Dear Cat.” Don’t lose this. Please look forward to it! And made a cute face and uploaded a picture to attract the attention of the fans.

A staff member of Jun Hyo Sung’s management company TS Entertainment said, “The drama “My Dear Cat” shows Han Soo Ri who’s a charismatic character and will show a different side of Jun Hyo Sung that he has not been able to show on the stage.  He is working really hard himself.  He is practicing his lines every chance he gets so I hope that viewers will have high expectations whenever they watch this.

Meanwhile, KBS 1 daily drama “My Dear Cat” is about a man and a woman who each lose a cat.  They find their cats and through this process they meet each other.  They learn about the secret behind their family and they experience a process of forgiveness and conflicts and resolution.  It will be airing at 8:25PM.

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