“Secret Love” Offers Five Love Stories

Secret Love Offers Five Love Stories
Secret Love Offers Five Love Stories


If you like a good love story, the upcoming drama “Secret Love” may be just the thing. Originally scheduled to air last year, the drama will now be shown on June 13.

Each “Secret Love” episode will have a different take on love and feature one of the five members of the girl group Kara, alongside some interesting leading men. Two of the five Kara members have left the group since the drama began filming but they participate in this project.

The first episode stars Goo Hara, who played the president’s daughter in “City Hunter.” In her “Secret Love” episode she will play a college student with a terminal disease. Her final wish is to travel but when she does take her much longed for trip, she meets a man and falls in love. Kim Young Kwang, who was last seen playing a doctor in “Good Doctor,” will play her leading man. He also appeared in “Love Rain” and Bachelor’s Vegetable Store.”

Han Seung Yeon and Yeon Woo Jin will pair up in another episode. Han Seung Yeon appeared in “Her Lovely Heels” and “Jang Bo Ri Is Coming.” Yeon Woo Jin was the second lead in “When A Man Loves” and just took a role in “Marriage, Not Dating.”

Park Gyu Ri and Ji Chang Wook take a trip to Jeju Island for the third episode. She had a leading role as an aspiring nail artist in “Nail Shop Paris.” He became a star playing Emperor Ta Hwan in in the saeguk “Empress Ki.”

Ex-Kara member Kang Ji Young will appear in an episode with actor Bae Soo Bin. She doesn’t have a lot of acting experience but he has more than enough for both of them. He played a prosecutor who lost his way in last year’s popular revenge drama “Secrets.”

For the final episode, ex-Kara member Nicole joins forces with actor Lee Kwang Soo. The popular actor is a cast member of the variety show “Running Man.” He was last seen in the dramas “Goddess of Fire: Jeonji” and “Potato Star.” He will play a man with Tourette’s Syndrome in the upcoming series “It’s Okay, It’s Love” starring Gong Hyo Jin and Jo In Sung.

Director Kim Kyu Tae, the man behind the dramas “That Winter The Wind Blows,” as well as “Padam, Padam” and “Worlds Within,” directed the mini-drama.

“Secret Love” will air weekly for a total of five episodes.

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