Selena Gomez And Justin Bieber: ‘Spring Breakers’ Star Defends Ex-Boyfriend’s Racism Scandal! Source Says ‘She Still Sees The Good In Him’

The relationship of Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber was one of the most publicized in Hollywood because of their bittersweet romance. Many people think that the Canadian pop star isn’t good for the American singer because he always gets in all sorts of controversy and trouble.

Just recently, the 20-year old musician got into a racism scandal when his controversial videos were leaked online. He mentioned the N-word repeatedly and was so amused by it. With Justin in deep trouble again, Selena may have the urge save and defend her ex-boyfriend again.

Thankfully, her family and friends are trying to convince her not to get associated with him anymore.

An insider revealed to Hollywood Life, “Selena always feels that she should protect Justin, and as long as he continues to get in trouble, she will continue to feel bad for him and want to do something to help.”

The source said, “They want her as far away from Justin as possible and for her to make an identity for herself that doesn’t involve him. Selena’s handlers are doing everything they can think of to get Justin out of her mind but it is a tremendous work in progress and an almost impossible feat.”

The Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber relationship is like “Romeo and Juliet” so let’s hope that they won’t both end up having a tragic ending like Shakespeare’s famous characters. Many black celebrities got pissed by what the “Boyfriend” singer did.

However, the “Spring Breakers” star believes that her ex-boyfriend is a good guy. A source said, “Selena doesn’t think Justin is a racist, she just thinks he was acting stupid and immature.” The insider added, “As far as him changing she does hope that he’ll grow up, she still sees the good in him and his potential.”

It’s alright to not say anything bad about your ex-boyfriend, but to still defend him with his wrongdoings may be too much. Do you think we will see Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber reunite again?

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