Selena Gomez New Boyfriend: ‘Spring Breakers’ Star Had A Drama-Free Date With Niall Horan! Source Says, ‘She Didn’t Think About Justin The Whole Night’

After all the heartaches, her fans think that Selena Gomez deserves a new boyfriend and not just an ordinary one, but a real good guy. She has been through a lot during her relationship with Justin Bieber, who most of her loved ones think wasn’t good for her.

Finally, the 21-year old singer was able to set free from the Canadian pop star, but she needs all the help she can get to get over her ex-boyfriend. A new inspiration will be a good start because this could develop into something more serious.

In fact, some people think that Selena Gomez’ new boyfriend is the One Direction singer Niall Horan. The two were seen hanging out at Katy Perry’s concert in London last May 27. According to reports, the beautiful brunette had a wonderful date with the British heartthrob.

A source told Hollywood Life, “Selena had a much-needed night full of fun with Niall. He was a complete gentleman, totally down-to-earth and their date night to see Katy’s show was above all drama-free!” The insider added, “Selena described her time with Niall as refreshing and fun.”

That’s really nice to know, but the question is if they will still see each other again. The source said, “Yes, she would most certainly go out with him again. They have a lot in common, especially their love for family.”

The insider revealed, “She didn’t think about Justin the whole night, which to her was a major turning point and shows she’s moving on from him slowly but surely. Niall certainly helped her forget about JB and just be in the moment, act silly, laugh and be worry-free.”

All of these won’t be possible without Taylor Swift, who played cupid between her BFF and Niall. The 24-year old singer thinks that the One Direction singer may become Selena Gomez’ new boyfriend. A source said, “Taylor adores Niall and thinks he’s a complete gentleman – the perfect guy for Selena. She basically has been telling Selena that the way she’s going to get over Justin is to spend more time with the ‘good ones,’ referring to Niall.”

Do you think they make a good couple?

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