Shameless Season 5 Spoilers: Is Jimmy Really Back? Emmy Rossum Says ‘Being Scared’ Motivated Her To Take Fiona Gallagher Role

Shameless Season 5 spoilers are here! As we saw in the shocking season 4 finale, Jimmy is coming back.

Also, there will be a new character in Season 5. Deadline reports that Steve Kazee, from the Tony Award-winning Broadway production “Once,” will be joining the Gallagher gang in season 5 of “Shameless.”

Kazee will be playing the role of a handsome rock musician who happens to bump into Fiona and her family at the diner she’s recently found work in.

Shameless star Emmy Rossum recently tweeted on May 28, “I just heard about this! RT@SHO_Shameless @SteveKazeehas joined #Shameless! Please give him a big Gallagher welcome”

Kazee will be fighting for Fiona’s affections along with Jeffrey Dean Morgan, who will be playing the role of Charlie, the manager of the diner that Fiona starts working at.

Last but not least, Justin Chatwin’s character will be playing an important role in Season 5. Yes, Jimmy’s back – or should we call him Jack?

Emmy Rossum spoke with Variety recently about how her work as an actress and how she chooses her roles.

Rossum explained why she became an actress, saying, “I was always creating noise, be it banging on a table or playing piano, so my mom sent me to music school. When I went to real school they heard me sing and they sent me over to the opera. Even though I loved music and being on stage, it was more feeling I didn’t feel at home in my own body in school. I felt immediately more at home in an opera and in a creative environment. Even at a young age, that escapism was more safe for me somehow.”

Rossum said that she chose the role of Fiona because it scared her. She said, “Being scared. … The fear of failing pushes me really hard. So if I think it’s something really easy and I’ll make a nice paycheck, I tend not to do it. Things that make me shake and make my heart beat, I don’t know if I can do that, but I really want to prove to myself that I can.” 

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