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‘She Was Pretty’ Ko Joon Hee Runs To Park Suh Joon

'She Was Pretty' Ko Joon Hee Runs To Park Suh Joon

In “She was pretty” Ko Joon Hee ran to a sick Park Suh Joon.  With that, she showed how she was developing feeling for him.
On the 6th episode of MBC Wednesday/Thursday drama “She was Pretty” (director Jung Dae Yoon, script Jo Sung Hee) broadcast on October 1 st , Min Ha Ri (played by Ko Joon Hee) started to fall for Ji Seong Joon (played by Park Suh Joon) more and more.  With that, she was determined to take care of these feelings.

Nonetheless, Ji Seong Joon faced a traumatic accident on the way to the place that he was supposed to meet.  Ji Seong Joon ended up getting help from a designated driver and went home.

At this time, Min Ha Ri had a conversation with the designated dirver.  Min Ha Ri heard, “The owner of the cell phone is really sick now.” With that, she ran over to Ji Seong Joon at once.  As she was personally going to make porridge for him, she showed that she had feelings for him.
As she took a step closer to him, it’ll be interesting to see whether he too would open up to her and what he would feel.

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