Sherri Shepherd Latest News: First Husband Seeks Full Custody Of Son; Daytime Talk Show Host’s Friends Urged By Ex’s Lawyer To ‘Talk In Court’

Television personality Sherri Shepherd is yet to comment specifically on the custody battle over her 9-year-old son. According to People, The View co-host’s friends need to stop talking publicly, the lawyer for the boy’s father said.

Jeff Tarpley “doesn’t want to raise his son in the glare of the media,” attorney Duane Folke says. “If she’ll stop talking, we’ll stop talking. I want to talk in court.”

Reportedly, the child’s father sought an emergency custody modification hearing, claiming their son, Jeffrey Jr., was suffering from “neglect.”  According to the filing, the judge found no cause for a temporary emergency order, and instead scheduled a hearing for July 21.

During a discussion on her daytime program earlier this May about working parents, Shepherd said, “Mommy is trying to pay the bills.”

Shepherd’s friend Wendy Williams addressed Tarpley’s statement that “says that her schedule is too busy and that she is neglecting their son Jeffrey and leaving him with unskilled nannies.”  

“Well, somebody’s got to work!” William said.

“She is an amazing mom and spends a lot of time with Jeffrey Jr.,” says a one source adding that Shepherd is really “hands on” when it comes to her son.

“He is never left alone with babysitters or nannies for extended periods of time. When she’s doing The View, she takes him to school in the morning and when she has to travel for work, he often goes with her.” Shepherd’s friend speaks to her defense.

Folke told People that Shepherd and her friends must avoid venting their frustrations on national TV.

“I don’t understand why they can’t keep their mouths shut,” Tarpley’s lawyer told People.

Sherri Shepherd’s current husband, Lamar Sally, also filed his plea and moves toward legal separation from the TV host. In his court papers, Sally is seeking full custody of the couple’s unborn child with “reasonable” visitation offered to Shepherd.

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