Sherri Shepherd Latest News: Sherri Shepherd Debuted Hair Makeover, Sported Her Shorter Hairstyle At The Holler If Ya Hear Me Opening Night In NYC

Sherri Shepherd latest news features how The View talk show host reveal her while moving on from the pain of her real life divorce drama. Daily Mail reported that Shepherd, 47, arrived in her new do at the Holler If Ya Hear Me opening night at the Palace Theatre in New York on Thursday.

Earlier this month, Shepherd, break the silence from the growing pains of her second failing marriage, and talks about moving forward from what she’s going through.

“I say you can’t beat yourself up when you know you’ve made the wrong choice in a guy…” Shepherd told Us Weekly, “You look, you do some introspective work, and you try not to make the same mistake. If you do, get back up, dust your feet off, and start walking and moving forward,” she added.

Reportedly, Shepherd filed for divorce on May 2 and has also asked for full legal and physical custody of her yet-to-be-born baby via surrogate in the proceedings. Their baby is on July 28.

According to Daily Mail, the host was all smiles as she marched to give a speech at the Samsung event, “looking fabulous in a black and gold sparkly number and black platform heels.”

“Have really good friends around you, so you have a soft landing place,” she stated giving a little advice for others who may be going through a split.

“When the dust settles, you figure out what went wrong-but as long as you’re alive and you can breathe, you [can] get up and keep going. For me, my child can’t afford to see Mommy having a nervous breakdown. It’s not in the cards,” she said.

This is Shepherd’s second divorce, as she was formerly wedded to Jeff Tarpley from 2001 to 2010. The two have a 9-year-old son, Jeffrey, who is a special needs child. The ex-couple is currently under a custody battle over their 9-year-old son.

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