Shia LeBeouf Arrested During Broadway Musical! [WATCH] ‘Transformers’ Star Handcuffed And Escorted Out Of ‘Cabaret’ Intermission Thursday; Incident A Publicity Stunt? Apologies Expected To Follow

News of Shia LeBeouf arrested Thursday could be an act, but police called the bluff; the “Transformers” lead was escorted out of a New York Broadway theatre just the same.

28-year old LeBeouf was arrested during a run of the Broadway musical “Cabaret” Thursday night, on charges of disorderly conduct and criminal trespassing. A witness stated he saw the actor in tears as he talked to arresting officials outside the theatre.

News story of the arrest covered in this CBS report:

Two counts of disorderly conduct is set to be filed against LeBeouf, for smoking inside the Studio 54 theatre, and for being loud and disruptive during the first act of “Cabaret.” Police waited for the musical’s intermission before escorting LeBeouf out of the theatre, in handcuffs.

“Cabaret” is a Tony-nominated musical which co-stars Michelle Williams and Alan Cumming. Why LeBeouf chose the musical to have a supposed meltdown is speculated as part of an act, similar to his stunt at the Berlin Film Festival where he wore a paper bag over his head with the words “I’m Not Famous Anymore” written on it.

The Berlin stunt coincided with an L.A. art installation titled #IAmSorry, in reference to LeBeouf’s short film, allegedly plagiarized from a graphic novel writer’s concept. The incident prompted tweeted apologies, as well as sky-written messages over L.A (


Shia LeBeouf arrested and is scheduled for arraignment. Several witnesses noticed LeBeouf acted strange even before the musical started, mingling with the crowd wearing a torn shirt and holding a cigarette. He also approached a woman at the theatre bar, proceeded to feed her a strawberry before tipping the bartender.

Two witnesses mistook the conduct as an act. “He was brilliant. I thought he was working on a role or something.” Further apologies are expected after Shia LeBeouf arrested, which could either hurt or hype the actor’s popularity.

LeBeouf has plenty of successes under his belt, including lead roles in three “Transformers” movies, and a role in the upcoming World War II epic “Fury,” with Brad Pitt (


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