Shia LeBeouf In Trouble Again: Former Transformers Star Arrested At Broadway Show. Is He Be Acting Out On The Premiere Night Of First Transformers Movie He’s Not Involved In?

Shia LaBeouf was reportedly led away in handcuffs on June 25, Thursday. The 28-year old actor was at a performance of the Broadway show featuring Michelle Williams and Alan Cumming on Studio 54 in New York City

ABC News reports that the former

star was “smoking inside the theater and engaging in other disruptive behavior.”

The theater’s audience members have confirmed the incident, via Instagram photos and social media posts.

Even a member of the Broadway show’s cast confirmed that the actor was brought out by the police during intermission. Danny Burstein posted on Facebook: “Ladies and gentlemen, this is your places call for Act II. Also, to let you know,  has just been escorted from the building in handcuffs. Yep, that just happened,”

As of the last update, LaBeouf is being held by police and has been charged with “two counts of disorderly conduct and one count of criminal trespassing,” after he allegedly smoked, yelled and hit other audience members. At the police station, the actor continued his antics threatening the police and spitting on them. The cops then put him on a face mask.

Earlier in the evening, LaBeouf was acting normal. Stories have emerged of the actor being quite friendly with fans, with some even capturing him on video saying “hi” or having his photo taken with fans.

This isn’t the first time that LaBeouf has found himself in trouble recently. Just this January he got into a bar brawl in London. A videotape of the actor apparently headbutting a man was leaked. LaBeouf was also said to have  plagiarized a Daniel Clowes graphic novel, using it in his short film “” He later apologized.

His erratic behavior also includes wearing a paper bag over his head that read “I am not famous anymore” on the red carpet at the premiere showing of his previous movie.

It just so happens that the fourth Tran

sformers movie premiered in theaters that very same evening. Incidentally, this is the first movie in the franchise that he did not star in. 

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