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‘Signal’ Kim Hye Soo’s Deadly Charisma

'Signal' Kim Hye Soo's Deadly Charisma

In “Signal” Kim Hye Soo started the drama with a very strong charismatic personality and scene.
On the first episode of tvN Friday/Saturday episode “Signal” broadcast on Jan. 22 nd , Soo Hyun (played by Kim Hye Soo) and Hye Young (played by Lee Je Hoon) met for the first time.

Until now, Hye Young had been getting his hands on information about celebrities while working as a detective and celebrity.  Hye Young who was caught on the scene said to the managing detective Kye Chul (played by Kim Won Hye), “You’re getting bribes to do this, right?  More than this, he said, “Is there anything called class to Korean police members?”
At this, Soo Hyun said, “Then again, what kind of classes would be involved with police officers? No? That’s why you just go through the trash cans of other people.” With that, Soo Hyun received a call cancelling the investigation and said, “What a pity. I was going to have some fun.”
Meanwhile, “Signal” is a scientific fiction drama featuring detectives form the present and a detective from the past who are communicating through walkie talkie.  With that, they resolve mysteries of unsolved cases.

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