‘Signal’ Kim Hye Soo’s Picture Was Cherished By Jo Jin Woong

'Signal' Kim Hye Soo's Picture Was Cherished By Jo Jin Woong

'Signal' Kim Hye Soo's Picture Was Cherished By Jo Jin Woong

In “Signal” Kim Hye Soo saw that Jo Jin Woong had a picture of her and started to bawl.
On the 13th episode of tvN Friday/Saturday drama “Signal” (script Kim Eun Hee, director Kim Won Suk) broadcast on Mar. 4 th , Cha Soo Hyun (played by Kim Hye Soo) was taking care of Lee Jae Han (played by Jo Jin Woong)’s items.   With that, Lee Je Han’s body was found and Cha Soo Hyun started to bawl profusely.

In the past, Jae Han had been framed for taking bribes and was deprived of his seat as a detective as if he was rushed out.  From way before that, Jae Han had been missing and after getting deprived of his title as detective, his items were sent to his home.
Jae Han’s subordinate Soo Hyun went to Jae Han’s house and started to organize his items.  While this was happening, she was organizing the picture of Batman and found something strange. And when she opened up the framed picture of Batman, there was a picture of Soo Hyun and Jae Han together.
Afterwards 15 years had passed until Soo Hyun had found Jae Han’s dead body.  Even though she had assumed that he was dead, after finding his dead body, she started to have a hard time and cried.  After Soo Hyun cried a bit, she narrated, “There’s not a single picture that we had taken together. That’s what I had found out.”
Meanwhile, “Signal” is about two detectives – one from the past and one from the present who communicate through walkie talkies to resolve long-time unresolved cases.

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