‘Signal’ Lee Je Hoon Survived Despite Changed Past

'Signal' Lee Je Hoon Survived Despite Changed Past

'Signal' Lee Je Hoon Survived Despite Changed Past

In “Signal” Lee Je Hoon of the present survived.
On the 11th episode of tvN Friday/Saturday drama “Signal” (script Kim Eun Hee, director Kim Won Suk) broadcast on Feb. 26 th , Park Hye Young (played by Lee Je Hoon) faced the risk of death.

Meanwhile, “Signal” was about two detectives – one from the past and one from the present who communicate through walkie talkies to resolve long-time unresolved cases.
Park Hye Young’s life was in danger because of the attack.  He said, “11:23PM. That’s when the detective died. Rather than dying, it was harder to last in a crime that was unresolved.” With that, he delivered his feelings to Lee Je Han (played by Jo Jin Woong).
At this, Park Hye Young said, “With that dire feeling, he must’ve sent me a walkie talkie message. Please live on with that.  With the urge of not the walkie talkie but as a police officer. Don’t give up” he said.
In the past, Lee Je Han had expressed his urge saying, “If I die, all the cases leave unresolved” and survived. Lee Je Han said to the family of Park Sun Hee (played by Chan Hee), “I’m sorry” and expressed the truth of the incident.
As the follow up to “Signal” there will be airing “Memory” which is a drama about a law firm lawyer who is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s who is living at the height of his life.  As it’s expected to talk about the value of life and family values, it features Kim Ji Soo, Lee Sung Min, Park Jin Hee and Joon Ho.

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