Sin City 2 Spoilers: Joseph Gordon-Levitt Praises Lady Gaga! Pop Singer Does A Scene In The Movie, Actor Says ‘She Was Like A Total Pro And Did A Great Job’

Before Frank Miller’s crime action thriller hits the theaters on August 22, we will be sharing some “Sin City 2” spoilers to give you an idea what to expect in the sequel. The latest news was taken from Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s interview with Entertainment Weekly where he talked about his character and his co-star, who is a famous pop star. I’m sure you’re eager to find out who that is, so continue reading below.

This is the first time that Joseph Gordon-Levitt appears in “Sin City” joining the original cast consisting of Jessica Alba, Mickey Rourke, Clive Owen, Rosario Dawson, and Bruce Willis. It took almost then years before a sequel was produced that’s why fans are all excited to see the dark and morbid story of Frank Miller’s classic film noir.

“Sin City: A Dame To Kill For” features four stories: “The Fat Loss” which stars Jessica Alba and Bruce Willis, “A Dame To Kill” which stars Eva Green and Josh Brolin, “Just Another Saturday Night” which stars Mickey Rourke, and “The Long Bad Night” which stars Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Julia Garner.

The 33-year old actor spilled out some “Sin City 2” spoilers during an exclusive interview with EW. He said, “It’s sort of a story about the worst in us as humans.” Joseph also talked about his character named Johnny, who is a cocky gambler. He said, “The character I play is a guy that has admirable qualities but is being dragged down by that desire for revenge.” The actor added, “And revenge never leads to anywhere good.”

In a separate interview with Jam’n 94.5, Joseph Gordon-Levitt shared more “Sin City 2” spoilers and this involved his co-star Lady Gaga. That’s right, the award-winning pop singer also stars in Robert Rodriguez’ new film.

Joseph said, “She was in Sin City 2. I did a part for it. Mr. Rodriquez asked me to be in, and Lady Gaga is in a scene of it. And I gotta say, she did a really good job. Like, she’s a great actress. And I didn’t know that.”

The “Don Jon” actor shared his experience working with Lady Gaga. He said, “You know she came in and I was like, “Okay sure, they’re having a huge pop star do a scene in the movie. I understand’. But then she came in and like, nailed it. She had her character down, and she was like a total pro and did a great job. I was really impressed.”

I hope you enjoyed the “Sin City 2” spoilers courtesy of Joseph Gordon-Levitt. We will share more news updates before the movie hits the theaters this August.

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