Sony Teases Fans With Sackboy And Friends’ Newest Adventure, Prior To The Little Big Planet 3 Release Date! E3 2014 Audience Gets First Look At New Gameplay Dynamics

Sony didn’t announce a specific Little Big Planet 3 release date at yesterday’s E3, but it did offer a sweet trailer that hints of a holiday launch for the title.

Sony had plenty of tricks up its sleeves at E3 2014, and it confirmed expectations from fans of the Little Big Planet series with a third installment in the works. LBP 3 was revealed halfway through the presentations, offering new features to the same family-friendly dose of twitchy, quirky fun.

Sackboy is part of a team in the latest Little Big Planet installment, joined by two new characters Toggle and Oddsocks. New character abilities upgrade the title to the likes of Lost Vikings, a puzzle platformer instead of a straightforward adventure platformer.

It’s likely gamers will pay homage to Lost Vikings with Sackboy’s (and his friends) customizable features. The E3 presentation offered lengthy live gameplay footage as well, more than any title showcased throughout the event (


The game demo wasn’t flawless, and players were a bit frustrated with the unmet expectations. The blunder worked to the title’s advantage just the same, adding humor to an otherwise straightforward demo play.

Previous developer Media Molecule takes a bow from the series come the Little Big Planet 3 release date; Sumo Digital, which has developed DLC for the previous LBP installment, will take over.

There’s added depth of gameplay in LBP 3, mostly due to the addition of characters with specialized skills. The game’s world is still very familiar, but there’s an added challenge in navigating it using the right character’s skill set. As always, cooperative play makes things easier.

The game’s graphics has significantly improved, and character customization is still available as a key part in play. Sony’s Kaz Harai also confirmed created content from the previous Little Big Planet are transferrable to the new game. This is visually upgraded and enhanced to meet the PlayStation 4’s standard.

One thing the Little Big Planet 3 release date should settle is Stephen Fry’s reprised role as the narrator. His dulcet tone never graced the teaser trailer yesterday – check out the tease below (


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