Sony Xperia Z2 Ultra Review: Worst Combination Of Phone And A Tablet? How Would You Feel Answering A Phone Call With A Tablet On Your Face?

Sony might have got the right idea by bringing the competition right into Samsung by producing a phablet to compete with the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 but the performance seems to be lacking. Highly toughted to be an above standard phone, the newly released Xperia Z2 Ultra turned out to be a mid-tier smartphone.

The biggest disappointment is with the Z2 Ultra’s size. With a huge screen that measures at 6.4″, it leaves the consumers confused and scratching their heads as to why the company did not just create a tablet instead. 6.4″ for a smartphone is just too big.

The huge display brings with it plenty of other problems. The biggest of them all is with the device’s battery. To power up that huge display on the Z2 Ultra, a lot of power is needed. Even with the 3050mAh battery and Sony’s STAMINA mode, it is still not enough to sustain the Z2 Ultra for long hours of usage. It’s not just practical when it comes to energy consumption.

Finally is the misperception that is probably faced by Sony as well and left them as to why this actually got approved. The company just created a smartphone but encourages users to utilize the Smart Bluetooth Headset. Could the manufacturer felt that it is embarrassing to answer phone calls on the huge device without a headset? Agreed.

All in all, the Sony Xperia Z2 Ultra is a giant disappointment in many aspects. Still, it depends on the user’s preference and some might actually enjoy these features. However, online reviews and user’s opinions can’t go wrong and clearly, Sony has to go back to the drawing board.

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