SpaceX Rocket Launch: Is Russia To Blame For The Delay? Will People Be Able To Witness The Launch?

The SpaceX rocket launch was once again postponed.

The rocket that was set to launch from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station last Sunday was scrubbed after pre-flight checks.

Officials had this to say about the postponed SpaceX rocket launch:

“Today’s ORBCOMM launch attempt has been scrubbed to address a potential concern identified during pre-flight checks. The vehicle and payload are in good condition, and engineering teams will take the extra time to ensure the highest possible level of mission assurance prior to flight.”

SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket was originally scheduled for blast off on Friday, but was cancelled due to technical difficulties.  Another launch attempt was made on Saturday, but was once again cancelled due to bad weather.

This would be the third time the SpaceX rocket launch was postponed.

Rumors would involve Russia in the problem.  Due to the recent Ukraine crisis, Russia has been reported to be making threats.  One dilemma in particular is that the U.S. might be forced out of the International Space Station (ISS).

According to an article in The Inquisitr, one Russian leader was heard saying that the U.S. should just send their astronauts to the ISS with a trampoline.

“This is no idle threat since NASA and the U.S. military rely on Russian Soyuz rocket flights and also Russian made R-180 engines in order to keep us in the space race at all. Fortunately, private space companies like SpaceX are taking up the slack and their designs do not rely on Russian technology. The SpaceX Dragon V2 spacecraft is being designed to shuttle up to seven astronauts up to the ISS and it’s hoped it can be put into use by 2017,” said the article.

People who would like to see the launch might be disappointed to know that there will be no media coverage for the SpaceX rocket launch.  SpaceX in a statement said that the launch “will not be broadcast to the media or the public” because launches have become “too routine.”

Do you think there will be a big chance that the SpaceX rocket will be launched soon? Comment below!

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