‘Star Wars 7’ Release Date Push Back To 2016? Harrison Ford’s Injury May Mean Tom Cruise’s Gain As He Joins The Film

Will “Star Wars 7” release date be pushed back to 2016? Harrison Ford’s injury might be Tom Cruise’s gain as the “Edge of Tomorrow” star joins the film for a cameo.

From the Harrison Ford injury, which reported was more than an ankle sprain but actually a broken leg, to new rumors that production is delayed further to 2016, it seems it’s not all smooth for the “Star Wars 7” release date set for next year.

Edward Davis wrote at

that pushing back the “Star Wars 7” release date to 2016 was what director J.J. Abrams originally wanted so he and screenwriter Lawrence Kasdan can fine-tune the script.

But their proposal was denied because Disney already told their shareholders that the $4.4 billion acquisition of Lucasfilm would rake in profits starting in 2015.

“Hence, having to push the film until the end of the year in December instead of the May dates ‘Star Wars’ films usually occupy,” he wrote. “But that’s already past the end of the 2015 fiscal year, so they’re already pushing it.”

Also, there’s the question of merchandise profits in time for the holidays as Slashfilm writer Russ Fischer tweeted: “How many holiday 2015 licensing plans would be screwed by STAR WARS pushing to 2016? Figure Disney will do anything possible to stay in ’15.”

In short, according to , “it remains doubtful that ‘Episode VII’ won’t come out as scheduled. It would take a disaster much bigger than a broken limb to prevent this Titanic landing in port as scheduled.”

Meanwhile, Tom Cruise will reportedly have a cameo in “Star Wars 7” as he has been talking with J.J. Abrams for the possibility, said. The publication spoke with a source who claimed that Tom Cruise “has been in London for over a week” talking with the director for the cameo.

J.J. Abrams directed Tom Cruise’s 2006 hit film, “Mission Impossible 3”

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