‘Star Wars’ Actor Ewan McGregor Leads in ‘American Pastoral’ Movie; ‘Fake Accent’ Lands Him Top Roles Of American Adaptations?

“Star Wars” actor Ewan McGregor is set to lead the movie version of “American Pastoral.” But the actor seems to always land in lead roles of adaptations to American literature even with his “fake accent,” noted.

“Star Wars” actor Ewan McGregor will play as Swede Levov, a troubled businessman from New York City whose life had been problematic when his daughter got involved in anti-war movements in 1960s.

The story is based from Philip Roth’s “American Pastoral” book in 1997 which also made the author as a Pulitzer Prize awardee.

The Philip Noyce-directed movie will now come to reality as the pre-production cycle started almost 11 years ago, according to The director was also the man behind “Salt” and “Clear and Present Danger” movies.

“The Lincoln Lawyer” writer John Romero is also now on the works for the film’s script while the movie is set to start its production at the onset of 2015.

The film is not the first time for “Star Wars” actor Ewan McGregor to star in an American adaptation movie. He also bagged lead roles for HBO adaptation of Jonathan Franzen’s ”

But according to this has been a “strange trend” for Ewan McGregor’s acting career, who had been “landing lead roles in adaptations of major American works of literature.” added that although “Star Wars” actor Ewan  McGregor has an “okay American accent,” his Scottish twang is more prominent than his “fake accent.”

“McGregor may well be up to the task, but if I were his agent, I’d be pointing him in a different direction,” David Sims of


Sims also noted that the actor’s “best performances” so far are those characters hailing from United Kingdom such as

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