Steve Perry’s Comeback: Reunion Would Happen Only If It’s Journey’s Farewell Tour; Arnel Pineda Has Solo Album But Won’t Leave The Band

Steve Perry's Comeback: Reunion Would Happen Only If It's Journey's Farewell Tour; Arnel Pineda Has Solo Album But Won't Leave The Band
Steve Perry's Comeback: Reunion Would Happen Only If It's Journey's Farewell Tour; Arnel Pineda Has Solo Album But Won't Leave The Band


After 19 years of silence, Steve Perry seems want to comeback in music industry.

Based on the The Guardian, at the Fitzgerald Theater, Eels frontman Mark Everett introduced Perry to the crowd stating: 

“This guy … hasn’t sung his songs for some 20, 25 years,” 

He also added,  “He walked away from it. Because it didn’t feel right … And for some reason only known to him, he feels like tonight in St Paul, Minnesota, it feels right. Ladies and gentlemen, Steve Perry.”

Former Journey frontman Steve Perry, 65, was wearing jeans and blazer, quipping when he entered the stage. And he said, “Where you been all my life?” 

Afer appearing on Eels’ concert, rumored has spread that Perry will comeback on stage and take back his job as a frontman of Journey.

The rumor sounded like a rival between the current vox of Journey, Arnel Pineda vs. the legendary vox, Steve Perry. There  was also a rumor that Pineda will be out from Journey.

From Ulitimate Classic Rock post last May 29, Pineda denied that he will leave the group. 

After the performance of Perry with Eels, a fan woman tweeted the YouTube video to Pineda. 

Pineda also announced his solo album and left words:. “I’d be more than happy to give way,” he said, adding, “As long as they need me, I will be there. I’m never gonna quit on them.”

But, Pineda also clarified to Ulimate Rock through Twitter:

“Let me be clear. I took Journey’s leap of faith coz they generously gave it to me. Yet, I’ll never be addicted to fame.”

He also sent clarifications about rumor that he wanting out of Journey back in February. His letter to Ulitmate Rock is, “I am as happy to be in Journey today as I was when I first joined the group. Next to my family in Manila, Journey is my family. When I’m not working, I spend time at home with my wife and kids, and my Foundation. Now, I am busy preparing for our tour with Steve Miller Band and Tower of Power. I wish whoever is making up these lies would put their time to good use and stop spreading these false stories.” – Arnel Pineda

After all the speculations, Perry confirmed to Fan Asylum that he has no plan to get his job back.

On the Facebook page of Classic Rock at June 27, 2014, Neal Schon said that Steve Perry’s reunion with Journey will only happen “at the point where it’s a farewell tour.” 

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