Strangest Halloween Costume Ideas 2014: Sexually Suggestive Costumes, Creepy Animal Suits And Many More; Who Says You Have To Be Conventional?

The strangest Halloween costume ideas 2014 prove that when it comes to making the spookiest or most extraordinary garbs for this year’s party, there are no limits. Of course, it depends on whether or not the hosts/hostesses or event organizers have set certain restrictions. Nonetheless, as with most parties held this time of the year, the norm when it comes to costumes has always been “the weirder, the better.”

So here lies the sole question when it comes to creating the best – or strangest – costume for you: How far can your imagination take you?

Well, for some creative minds, their boundless imagination has taken them far enough to create some of the strangest Halloween costume ideas 2014. Check them out and see if you can get an inspiration for the look you have in mind.

If you are getting sick and tired of dressing up as a superhero or any cutesy character year in and year out, then why not go for an unusually usual change by turning yourself into…furniture?

Check out this nightstand with matching drawers and lampshade. Although nearly every bedroom has this piece, not everyone would have thought (or have the gall) to romp around dressed like one. Let your imagination fly and try out other furniture – sofa, table, etc.

This ostrich costume may not be a replica of the one featured on but it does come close, don’t you think? For sure those iridescent colors would turn a few heads when you show up at the party. And those stubby fake legs hanging down the sides are…But ostriches are not the only animals you can take inspiration from. Indulge your love for any animal, bird, fish or even insect your heart desires!

Donning costumes that leave little to the imagination is not the only way to stand out in this year’s party. If you opt to wear one of the strangest Halloween costume ideas 2014 ever thought, such as this walking tissue roll, you do not only take “sexually suggestive” to a different level. But you also display your sense of humor while being sexually inappropriate in the subtlest way. This costume is just one of the wacky inappropriate garbs featured on

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