Suarez Dampens England’s Spirit as Uruguay Scores It to the Winning Goal


Luis Suarez failed to score a winning goal against Uruguay in a last minute winning, pushing England to the edge of the World Cup elimination last Thursday, with a 2-1 score.

English football star striker Suarez instantly scored two goal during the last pulsating 85 minute Sao Paulo match. This occurred when Wayne Rooney saved England with a 75 minute equaliser.

This loss against Uruguay has left England at a loss of 2-1 against Italy during an opening match, making it seemingly impossible to reach the second round of the match since 1958.

Suarez was named English football’s player of the year after leading Liverpool to successive winning matches. However, a knee surgery in May paralysed the eligibility of Suarez for the World Cup.

Tensions erupted in Sao Paulo as England doubted they could make it to the last 16, after their defeat.

When a door closes for England, another one opens for Uruguay, though.

England captain Steven Gerrard’s loose play caused a quick move from Uruguay, as Nicolas Lodeiro paved the way for Edinson Cavani to strike a left goal. 

Suarez first steered clear of Phil Jagielka. Striker Lodeiro didn’t cross immediately, and this has caused Suarez to wrongly pass through England goalkeeper, Joe Hart. 

As England challenged Uruguay for most of the second match, the opening from Suarez served much of its purpose. 

England had been likely to score at the latter part of the game. Gerrard was put off and eventually, steered clear, five minutes before the ball was taken away from Suarez.

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