Subway Surfers To Bid Farewell In The App Store? Massive Decline Hints Game Might Be Coming To An End For Being Too ‘Monotonous’?

Are you a fan of racing games with obstacles? Then Subway Surfers is the game for you. Kiloo, based in Denmark, and the SYBO games co-developed the endless running mobile game Subway Surfers in May 2012, with updates based on seasonal holidays.

The game is available on various platforms, namely Android, Windows and is. The aim for Subway Surfers is simple and easy, sprint down the tracks, dodge subway cars and collect coins, for as long as possible. There are several obstacles in the course like the subway inspector and his pooh. A number of tools at your disposal like a cool Jetpack and hover-board are used for surfing along the car rooftops.

Subway Surfers is a freeware gaming application but it requires about 512MB of internal memory.  The current version of this game is the world tour Tokyo (second visit) with New Delhi being expected to feature next on 19 June 2014. All the updates come with new features like new outfits, characters, in-game objectives and added special events too. However, the objective of the game remains the same, i.e. dodging the trains and other obstacles in the way.

Subway Surfers, as well as other arcade and virtual games, have been rife with many controversies. There have been a lot of debates and discussions about whether it is a boon or a bane because playing such games can be extremely addictive. Playing too much may result into poor eyesight and causes several health issues. To a particular extent, these concerns are justifiable and acceptable. Subway Surfers was once the most downloaded application in PlayStore but lately it has been monotonous and, as a result, there has been a visible decline in the followers of the game. Subway Surfers can be helpful for your child to enhance its awareness when it comes to numbers.

To increase the revenue, Subway Surfers comes with several advertisements that can pop up at any instant. They can be a bit annoying but they help to increase the revenue. Moreover, the coins you need to buy to increase your lives help in generating a huge amount of money. There is a Subway Surfers Wiki community site that is not developed by Kiloo but is a collaborative encyclopedia for everything related to the game. Subway Surfers was hugely popular in the last few months of 2013. With time, it was boredom for the users and also, several other better games have surfaced over the Internet. The popularity quotient of the game decreased two-three folds recently. The company lost more than 30-40% users in May 2014 even after frequent updates.

Every aspect in life has its pros and cons whether you like it or not. Recently it was found that the developers of Subway Surfers are also designing several educational features along with the game so that it benefits the users. The developers of the game have promised that the new versions of the game would be more exciting, entertaining, fun and educational.

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