Successful K-Drama Actresses Shine In Their 40s

Successful K-Drama Actresses Shine In Their 40s
Successful K-Drama Actresses Shine In Their 40s


Kim Hee Ae’s recent role in “Secret Love Affair” showed that a 40-something actress can not only still win critical acclaim for a drama performance she can also land a romantic role with a popular leading man.

Kim Hee Ae is 47 but that did not stop Yoo Ah In from calling her one of the sexiest actresses around. He said that when she played Oh Hye Won, his love interest in “A Secret Love Affair.” This year Kim Hee Ah played Hyeon Sook in the film “Elegant Lies.”

The actress is already busy filming her next movie “C’est Si Bon,” which follows the legendary folk music group “Twin Folio.” The story starts when the group’s members are in their 20s and it shows how their life changes as they achieve success. Kim Hee Ae plays Min Ja Young, who is the love interest and muse of Kim Yoon Suk’s character Oh Geun Tae.  Han Hyo Joo will play the younger version of her character.

In between dramas and films, the actress also appears on variety shows such as “Noonas Over Flowers” and “Infinity Challenge.”

Another 40-something actress with high visibility is Kim Seo Hyung. The beautiful actress turns 41 in October and continues to have a very busy schedule. This year she had an important role as the unstable Empress Dowager in the 51-episode saeguk “Empress Ki.” She followed that with a role as a prosecutor in the courtroom drama “A New Leaf.” She has worked consistently for the last decade and her career shows no signs of slowing down.

Kim Sung Ryung is the same age as Kim Hee Ae. Last year she had a role in the drama “Queen of Ambition.” She played Lee Min Ho’s mom in “The Heirs” and was recently in Cannes to promote her latest film “The Target.” She also played Lady Hyegyeong in Hyun Bin’s comeback film “The Fatal Encounter.”

When she appeared a recent episode of “One Night of TV Entertainment,” she was asked which of her co-stars comes closest to her ideal type.

“I would date Lee Min Ho and marry Hyun Bin,” she said. “I want to give love to Lee Min Ho but I want to be loved by Hyun Bin.”

But alas, she only got to play their moms.

She also expressed her jealousy of actress Kim Hee Ae for getting to film “A Secret Love Affair,” in which she got to romance a much younger man. Maybe next year.

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