Suits Season 4 Episode 1 Recap: Mike And Harvey’s Rift Getting Bigger? Will Jeff Malone Be A Major Player This Season? Find Out In ‘One-Two-Three Go…’!

Suits Season 4 Episode 1 Recap: Suits is back with another jam packed episode full of conflicts and revelations.

The episode started with bedrooms – Harvey with a new girl, Jessica in an unidentified man’s bedroom, and Rachel getting out of the shower and jumping in bed with Mike. Jessica went in Harvey’s office, but he wasn’t there and Donna and Rachel both said he was in a morning meeting. When he came, Jessica updated him that he will be having a morning meeting with Logan Sanders who took over his father’s company.

Meanwhile, Louis and Katrina were busy with their own business. They found out that SSC’s Jeff Malone was sent to go after the firm. Louis called the man a beast and saw an opportunity to have his name on the wall.

The next day, Malone arrives in the firm uninvited not to go after the firm, but showed interest in joining the firm. Jessica and Harvey talked about it and Harvey thought it was a good idea and he liked the guy. Jessica didn’t like the idea and thought Louis can handle the situation.

Mike left Pearson Specter and took the job as an investment banker at Sidwell Investment Group.  He was pursuing a client, Walter Gillis. He was not interested in selling out to Mike, but he assured him that he did not want a hostile takeover. He did not give up and said that predators are circling his business and he needed to raise cash to stop them.

His boss, Jonathan Sidwell, was not impressed and demanded a home run. Mike goes to his lawyer, Harvey Specter, to tell him his plan. However, he thought it sucks and used Rachel to send the message. Later on, Harvey’s another client, Logan Sanders, came to him with the same idea as Mike, therefore a conflict arose. Mike also had Pearson on review and hired another lawyer.

On his own, he went to Gillis and convinced him. Harvey went to Mike’s office to have him sign the papers to remove the conflict, but he had already prepared one beforehand.

Eventually, Jessica had told Harvey that she was having her ‘morning meetings’ with Jeff Malone. She expressed that she was confused between their relationship if she will hire him. Harvey then told her that she should weigh which one’s more important. Jessica went to Malone’s place and said that it will be their last night and tomorrow will be his first day at the firm.

On the other hand, the game was on – a knife fight between Mike and Harvey. There will be no rules when Harvey said “one, two, three, go” to begin their battle.

Later at home, Mike told Rachel that even though Harvey and he were competitors that it didn’t have to affect them. Rachel revealed that the married man she once had an affair with was Logan Sanders.

A lot of things happened on tonight’s episode. Major drama and conflicts will arise in the upcoming episodes. Will Mike and Harvey really drift apart?

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