Suits Season 4 Episode 2 Recap: Mike Triumphs Over Harvey! Find Out All The Battles That Transpired In The Latest Episode ‘Breakfast, Lunch And Dinner’!

Round One: Mike vs. Harvey

The fight was not over. The friendship of Mike and Harvey was on the rocks, maybe permanently. The battle between Walter Gill’s company was still at stake.

Mike’s first move was impressive, he happened to temporarily stop Logan Spencer to bid on Gill’s company based on Harvey’s violation of privilege. The other party offered Mike $30 million to just walk away. He rejected the offer because Logan admitted that he would rip the company apart just to have more profit which was against his promise to Walter.

Harvey got sneaky and convinced the leader of the union to turn. Without the workers, Mike and Gills can’t win. Sidwell did not become a fan of Mike’s beliefs and wanted him to get back the offer he rejected. So he came to Harvey and practically begged, but he didn’t give in and said that the offer was gone.

Mike was giving up. However, he did what he was supposed to do. He convinced Gills to fund the worker’s pension or else the company won’t work out. Mike won this fight, yet Harvey won’t be staying down for long.

Round Two: Litt vs. Malone

Louis was getting ready to tell Jessica that he will go against Jeff Malone. Katrina delivered news that Malone was in the office. Jessica introduced Louis to him and he found out that they will be working together because he was now a senior partner.

They were forced to work together. Both their techniques worked, yet they can’t coexist peacefully. Donna interfered and calmed down Louis. She also talked to Jessica regarding Louis having the corner offic. It was given to him and he felt appreciated.

Round Three: Ross vs. Zane vs. Spencer

When Mike found out that Rachel once had an affair with his competition Logan, he didn’t feel good about it, but dealt with it anyway. They established ground rules so that it won’t affect their relationship.

Rachel saw Logan at the office and informed Harvey regarding their past. Spencer was cool with it and Harvey couldn’t care less. Mike also met Logan and tension was built during their meeting. However, Mike and Rachel didn’t let it get through them and continued being a happy couple. For now.

The fights were settled for now. Indeed, it’s still not over. Tune in next Wednesday for another episode of Suits. 

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