Suits Season 4 Episode 3 Spoilers: Harvey Hits Mike Below The Belt! What Underhanded Tactic Did He Pull Off? Find Out In The Latest Episode ‘Two In The Knees’!

Season 4 Episode 3

Rachel just got home from an all-nighter preparing for things Mike shouldn’t know. Mike asked her questions regarding her past with Logan. She said that she loved him and she ended things between them.

This time it’s personal. Mike might have won the first round, but Harvey won’t let that happen again. Logan Sanders wanted Mike to really lose this time, so he was planning to hire a private investigator to know everything there was to know about him.

Meanwhile, Louis wanted to settle thing between him and Jeff so he asked him to watch the ballet. But, he already had plans. Jeff just asked him for help so Jessica can run interference with his case. When preparing for the case, he smooth talked Louis to be on his side. However, Louis misinterpreted that and thought Jeff was in love with him. Jessica knew what Jeff’s plan was. But, she really wanted to establish their boundary which he always knocked down.

Harvey got worried and went to Walter Gillles to do it himself; he told him Mike used to be a drug dealer. So this round went to Harvey.

Mike got furious and went to Harvey. As it turned out, Harvey rationalized it fairly well: he shot him in the knees, so Logan won’t shoot him in the face. Harsh words were exchanged. Mike revealed that he had Harvey’s father’s master tapes. Indeed, the war begun.

Harvey went to Rachel to convince Mike to give up. When she was about to tell him, she was confronted with her deposition at Logan’s divorce. Mike told her that she lied, however she explained that she really ended it when she said no when he asked her to marry him and she just lied for him. She also added that she wanted to spend the rest of her life with Mike.

Things didn’t go well according to Jeff’s plan. Louis found out the games he was playing. Gone was the sad Louis and he became the hard-ball lawyer he truly was.

She went to Logan’s apartment and made him stop the personal attacks because he owed her for lying during the deposition. He went to see Mike, apologized, and said that he will stop. Logan also said that he was only doing it because he didn’t want to hurt Rachel.

In the end, Jeff went to Jessica to put aside their personal issues and to tell her that the SEC was coming for them. Also, Rachel gave Harvey the master tapes of his father and told him it was from Mike.

Suits will be taking next week off and will return on July 9.

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