Suits Season 4 Premiere Date Set On June 11! Sneak Peek Shows ‘Street Fight’ Between Harvey And Mike! Who Will Come Out As The Victor?

Next week on June 11, a new season of Suits will premiere. A seven day countdown for another mind-boggling revelations, different twists and turns, and a lot of ups and downs for the show’s main characters for change will be happening everywhere and for everyone.

It was clear from the previous season’s finale that Mike was leaving Pearson Specter to enter a new world – Investment Banking. However, he came back seeming to be a ‘bad’ guy. He has Jonathat Sidwell as his new boss, his own office and assistant, and now, he wears on a three-piece suit. Looks like Mike Ross is all grown-up!

Being Harvey’s client, Mike doesn’t make it an easy relationship. A high risk game is now being played and nobody is giving up. When Mike wants to prove that he can stand on his own, Harvey is having trouble accepting his position. Indeed, Mike slurs out that now, it’s Lebron’s time.

As previously reported, a vigorous change in Mike’s character will lead to conflict between him and Harvey. Standing against each other, will the two ever adjust to this new arrangement in which case one could be the loser?

Rachel will be having a tough balancing act to pursue. She is now in law school while she works to be an associate at Pearson Specter. That may seem complicated enough, but she’s put into a situation wherein her professional and personal lives are at stake.

Donna remains to be the smart and witty secretary everyone loves, but a new girl comes along. Since Mike now worked his way up, he has this new secretary who seems to be a version like Donna, being bright and opinionated. Of course, an instant rapport will be established.

Watch the sneak peek here:

Just like previous episodes of Suit, this season’s premiere will showcase tension throughout the hour. Suit Season 4 premieres on Wednesday, June 11 at 9pm ET on USA.

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