Sunset Overdrive Trailer E3 Offers All-Out Mayhem! Xbox One Exclusive Promises to Deliver Topnotch Gameplay Come October 28 Release Date

The Sunset Overdrive Trailer E3 showed much promise for the Xbox exclusive, even if it comes at a frame rate next-gen console groupies will probably scoff at.

Insomniac Games revealed more details on the game and its ongoing development, and one of the specs confirmed may disappoint some next-gen console fans. 1080p and 60fps is now a staple preference for many gamers, and critics are even using these as benchmark for games released on the new PlayStation and Xbox hardware.

Lead writer John Paquette and brand director Ryan Schneider were present at E3 to answer questions, and confirmed 900p, 30fps specs for Sunset Overdrive on the Xbox One.

When asked about the possibility of a resolution upgrade, both denied any, at least for the time being. It’s likely the specs will carry through to the final version, considering the title’s October 28 release date.

Schneider defends the “downgrade” in resolution and frame rate: “If you play the game and see the experience, we are pretty comfortable where we are in terms of frame rate and resolution wise. We rather just focus on optimizing what you can see on the screen and that we think will create a better experience overall.” (


The Sunset Overdrive trailer E3 pegged the title as one of the more memorable games of the event, even if the resolution isn’t at par with much-hyped games like Watch_Dogs, Uncharted 4, or Witcher 3.

As an Xbox One exclusive the game will have limited reach of the market, but may also be the boost Microsoft needs to gain advantage in next-gen console competition.

Insomniac Games is also deliberately going back to the core of gameplay, considerably frayed around the by titles like inFAMOUS and Grand Theft Auto 5. The Sunset Overdrive trailer E3 is fun yet laidback.

Game Director Drew Murray: “This is totally toned back. One of our things was, ‘Go too far, and we can always pull back.’ It’s easier to pull back than to inch forward.” (


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