Superman’s Kryptonite? Lebron James’ Cramps Explained From The Way He Sweats? Miami Heat Superstar Angry At Himself For Failing Team

Lebron James’ cramps can be explained by the way he sweats, two doctors suggested, as the Miami Heat superstar is angry at himself for failing his team.

Despite the extreme heat-which reached 90 degrees inside the AT&T Center-athletes respond differenly to extreme conditions.

Lewis Maharam, the past president of the American College of Sports Medicine in New York, said that there are athletes are who really heavy sweaters and there are people who are light sweaters.

“There are people who are born when they sweat they sweat a lot of electrolytes. And there are people who sweat less electrolytes. So if he [Lebroin James] cramps up a lot he needs to be aware of that and deal with it nutritionally,” he told

Jon Schriner, a fellow of the American College of Sports Medicine, added Lebron James’ cramps can be blamed for being dehydrated. The problem, however, is he can’t rehydrate fast enough once he is in that condition.

He recalled during the 1989 playoff series between the LA Lakers and the Detroit Pistons when Magic Johnson injured himself.

Schriner explained: “In the middle of a run down the court Magic Johnson [pulled] his hamstring. The two are in similar situations. “Both as the go-to guys for the team who somehow aren’t properly hydrated.”

The doctor said that Lebron James cramps might be lessened if he hydrates himself and boosts his potassium intake.

Meanwhile, published an interview with Lebron James during a press conference Friday said: “For obvious reasons, I was angry, I was disappointed in myself. I did everything that I needed to do to prepare for this game, prepare for this moment and to feel like my body failed me. … I was angry in the fact that I couldn’t help my team get over the hump.”

According to

game 1 wasn’t the first time for Lebron James cramps as he was forced out of Game 4 of the 2012 finals against the Oklahoma Thunder. He also said that he’s been cramping since high school.

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