Supreme Court Rejects Scottie Pippen’s Defamation Lawsuit for Good

The Supreme Court declined Scottie Pippen’s request to revive a defamation lawsuit that he once filed. The former Chicago Bulls star filed this lawsuit against several media companies for “falsely reporting that he had filed for bankruptcy.”

The justices did not give any comment on the matter, which involved a $10 million lawsuit against CBS Interactive, Inc., NBCUniversal Media LLC, and other media companies today. Lower courts found that Pippen, as a public figure, could not prove that the reports were publicized with actual malice. For the lawsuit to stand, Pippen needs to show concrete information that the media published the data despite knowing that it was false or issued with “reckless disregard for the truth.”

According to Pippen, the media companies he filed against acted with malice because they refused to remove or correct the erroneous reports they made on several websites even after they were already alerted to the error.

The issue started in 2011 when there were reports about Pippen’s irresponsible spending. He purchased a $4 million jet that, unfortunately, did not function. He also spent another $1 million for its repairs. Other reports indicated that Pippen wasted a lot of the money he earned from his basketball career on bad investments. CNBC involved Pippen in an article that was entitled “15 Athletes Gone Bankrupt”, with a report that he lost $120 million of his career money because of his extravagant spending.

Some sources state that Pippen went through many financial hardships since he retired from the NBA in 2005. A huge part of this loss could be attributed to the bad advice he probably gets from his financial and legal advisers.

Pippen is known as one of NBA’s best small forwards. He had a huge contribution to the six NBA titles that the Chicago Bulls won between the years 1991 to 1998.

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