Surface Pro 3 Release Date Confirmed: Should You Buy It? Specs, Features And Performance Analyzed!


The Surface Pro 3 release date has been confirmed and we are reviewing the specs, features and performance of this new device to help you decide to whether or not to get the Surface Pro 3.

The Surface Pro 3 was announced on 21 May 2014 and the Surface Pro 3 release date is on June 20, 2014. This 12″ tablet comes with a full version of Windows 8. It seems that Microsoft has finally created the gadget which it was trying to create since 1990. Earlier, the company launched the first and second generation tablet for the users which turned out to be a failed mission but this time the tech giant can finally say, “Mission Accomplished”. The company did its complete homework to give a strong competition to Apple which kicked off the modern era of the tablets with the iPad.

The design specifications of the product are likely to get full marks. The company tried to club the best available hardware and software configuration for the global public. The processor of this tablet is a 4th generation Intel Core i3, i5 or i7 with a screen resolution of 2160x 1440 pixels. The storage capacity of the tablet is of the range 64 GB to 512 GB. You can also choose the RAM from 4 GB or 8 GB options. The large touchscreen display enables you to carry out a variety of activities including games and official works. With the help of Surface Pen, one can easily prepare their presentations and other work. The price range of the tablet varies from $749 to $1949 depending upon the model.

Learning from Surface Pro 2, Microsoft has discontinued the old carbon-black color and instead gambled upon more playful silver with a chassis of sturdy magnesium alloy. The company claims that it is the thinnest gadget with an Intel core i7 processor weighing only 1.76 pounds as compared to the two pounds weight of the previous two versions. The battery life of the gadget is very impressive and will last up till 9 hours even with continuous web browsing. The product has all the top class specifications which can set a benchmark for all the present day laptops and tablets. There are rumors that the product will be a bit costlier for the UK buyers and the people have to pay VAT to buy this product.

There were rumors in the global market that Microsoft has finally made a tablet that can replace the laptop. The answer to this question is that every product has its pros and cons, for instance, this product is remarkably thin and light for a machine with features of a laptop. The keyboard can be propped up at a very comfortable angle and has a gorgeous display quality. There are also some glitches such the tab not being very comfortable to use on the lap and the keyboard being a little flimsy. But despite of all the news and rumors, Microsoft has given the best product from its technical mind palace which, in future, can make the laptops obsolete. The device can be pre-ordered from the website of Microsoft.

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