Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment DLC Confirmed This Month As Latest Game Trailer Features New Quest, Areas, Boss And Legendary Weapons![VIDEO]

The new SAO game, Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment has confirmed its Downloadable Content this month of June.

Explosion.com reports that Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment will receive new free DLC packs in Japan this month. The first June pack was released last Thursday feature a new Hollow Mission called: “Return of The Overlord, while the second and third DLC packs will be released next week on June 12 which includes the new Heathcliff equipment set as well as six new avatar faces. Finally, the next two DLC packs will be available on June 19 and 26 with two new Hollow Missions.

The DLC packs have only been confirmed for the Japanese version of the game, but there will be a possibility that the DLC will also be released in west sometime after the game launches in North America and Europe.

Meanwhile a new trailer of SAO: Hollow Fragment has been released.

Anime News Network reports that Namco Bandai Games began streaming the trailer of Hollow Fragment titled “Successor to Splendor” yesterday.

The trailer showed some new features including new quest, new boss battles, and even new legendary weapons. There will be also new outfits for the characters Philia and Strea as well as new ghost monsters which Kirito and company will encounter during a new request mission. The update will also adds a volcano and snowy mountain area, the ability to use Argo as a battle partner, and the ability to buy high potions at stores within the game.

Players will explore 76 cities within Aincard and deepen your relationship with the other female characters in the by going out on dates. Adventure mode lets players create their own characters and play with up to eight other people online to go on quest in the game.

Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment is now available in Japan for the PS Vita, and it will release in North America and Europe in the third quarter of 2014.

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